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  • What does the SMART city of the future look like and what implications does that have for my product innovation path?

  • What are the key factors leading consumer’s to transition away from vehicle ownership into new mobility service use?

  • When will the demand curve reach an inflection point at which we make more money from new mobility services than we do from selling and servicing cars? And what conditions must prevail for that to happen?

  • What are the barriers to EV adoption and which of them can I overcome? Which do I need to form partnerships to overcome and which require government intervention?

  • How do I define, size and prioritize segments in the current and new mobility playground?

  • How do I future proof that segmentation so that it’s as relevant in 5 years as it is today?

  • Which of my existing products and services meets the functional and emotional needs of discrete consumer mobility segments? Do any competitor products and services do so better?

  • Where’s the white space in the traditional car market and where is it in the new mobility space? Where do the two connect?

  • How should my portfolio be optimized to better compete?

  • What’s the optimum packaging to secure segment share for each vehicle in my current range?

  • To what extent will my new vehicle cannibalize existing sales? How do I position it to minimize the risk?

  • What’s my brand’s optimum entry level model strategy? Is the sedan still relevant or should we follow Ford’s lead and focus in other segments?

  • Who is buying my new mobility service and why? What issues must I fix in the next iteration? 

  • How is my brand perceived? What role does my communications strategy play and how can I improve my communications ROI? 

  • What’s the customer ownership journey for each of my vehicles? Where and how does it need to improve?

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