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Reimagining the future of automotive

The automotive landscape is rapidly changing.


A reimagined understanding of consumer behaviors, wants and needs is essential for you to succeed in the new mobility market. 


Change can be navigated profitably with a robust understanding of the gaps in the market, the need states of your audiences and the key opportunities for you to deliver - and succeed. 


We’ll support you at every stage of the change journey, from in-the-moment consumer insights to concept creation, all the way through to product development, launch and optimisation. 

It’s time to reimagine the future of automotive and gain a competitive advantage.   



Insight Blueprints are experts in the automotive and mobility sectors, with a focus on the “So what?” and “Now what?” of research.


We’re passionate about the success of CASE mobility, and our vision is a mobility system that enhances people’s lives, protects the planet and supports you to do better business.


We generate insights through the filter of our clients’ businesses which pinpoint their opportunities and deliver concrete plans which enable them to thrive.



Andy introduced a new tool, The Relationship Investment Model to market. With his innovation he added new analytic approaches that were used for inductive inference, statistical analysis and client decision making strategies. He always listened well and acted upon what he learned and was an asset to the organization.” 

—  Muhammed Burhan, Deloitte


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